Commenting and Contributing

This blog is made up of many threads and many voices. The central idea behind it is for people interested in issues around “the ethics of the text” to comment on, develop, and play with their ideas and feelings.

The main posts under “Theoretical Development” are different voices dealing with many different “texts” (from different “disciplines”/”places”) in diverse ways– some are going to be more academic musings, others whimsical thoughts that strike a chord, other still, gut strumming polemic.

The site is based on largely anonymous contributions, and the hope is that these continue beyond September. We want the blog itself to become a site for thinking about ethics and scholarship/thinking/writing/creativity.

The particularities (and perculiarities) of the internet, and particularly in an anonymous, informal, rough-around-the-edges blog like this, lends itself to confronting ethical issues of authorship, intellectual property, scholarly control and style, persona, public image (etc etc):

“….all the logos rolls around everywhere, in the same way…Dissonant…he always needs his father to help: for he doesn‘t have the strength to help himself…” [Plato, Phaedrus 275d-e].

The form of this blog, its dissonances, and seeming lack of author/ity is the perfect place to really confront the practical ethical issues about writing/reading/receiving…

So like this philosopher-aritist-lover guy from Athens who wrote stuff down in dialogues, there is a certain risk to putting your voice/words/self  out there, or here. Words do go places where you wouldn’t expect (Plato wouldn’t have conceived of his words here in this place) but isn’t that half the fun: holding your breath and leaping?

[And on a serious note: any contributions/postings/comments on here can be anonymous if you so wish. We will do our best to make this a space of conversation- so although we may deal with “academic issues,”  academic convention or style is not necessary (we want this space to be as creative a place as possible!).  Anyone who uses material sourced from here we ask that you acknowledge the author (if possible).  This blog does not represent any institution, organisation or any one person’s voice.

Email for more information or with a posting/piece.

*In terms of monitoring comments–Be thoughtful, playful and creative. Because we want this to be a safe space where ideas and feelings can be discussed in a creative and nurturing environment no sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, classist, abelist, ageist, or any “opinion” that attacks a voice or position in terms of hate-speech and personal discrimination… these will not be published.


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