Antigone– the body of ethics?

Anouilh, Butler, Ettinger, Gambaro, Hegel, Heidegger, Irigaray, Lacan, Wollstonecraft, Žižek,… Antigone is repeatedly the site, the body…for debate, critique, and fight over issues of ethics.  The unloved, unwept, unfriended woman names ethics somehow. Eugene O’Brien has emphasized how the play, the name, the body, the idea….give a certain (and necessary) responsibility of ethics. Because she is a contradiction, ethics needs to be continually reinvented with her body and her name: she gives the necessity for responsibility over actions, legacies, words… By being-contradictory, Antigone gives “us” responsibility, gives ethics?  [(2010) “The Body Politic: The Ethics of Responsibility and the Responsibility of Ethics” in S. E. Wilmer and Audrone Žukauskaitė [eds] Interrogating Antigone in Postmodern Philosophy and Criticism: Oxford].

Without anyone’s
Weeping, without friends,
Without a marriage-
Song, I in my
Misery am
Led to the road
Prepared for me,
No longer am
I allowed to
See this firey
Eye of heaven. For
My Fate, there are
No tears or cries from any
Beloved Friend

ἄκλαυτος, ἄφιλος, ἀνυμέναιος ταλαίφρων ἄγομαι
τὰν πυμάταν ὁδόν. οὐκέτι μοι τόδε
λαμπάδος ἱερὸν ὄμμα
θέμις ὁρᾶν ταλαίνᾳ.
τὸν δ᾽ ἐμὸν πότμον ἀδάκρυτον
οὐδεὶς φίλων στενάζει.

[876-882 Gibbons and Segal (2002) translation: Oxford]

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