So, here is a draft timetable to get you all thinking about the event. There are still some gaps waiting to be filled and things may change a little but here are the bones of it all…

Wednesday 7th September                             Thursday 8th September

Not Applicable 9:30 Coffee, Pastries and Introduction to the Day(Common Room) (discussion time through to 11)
From 11:30 Registration and Snacks (Common Room) 10:00 Practical Experiment (Link Room) Lead by Astrid Breel
12:20 Introduction to the Workshop, procedure, protocol (Link Room) 10:00 The Art of Reception (Common Room) Lead by Eleanor Morgan
12:30 Plenary Position Paper: (Link Room) (Sarah Wood, University of Kent) 11:00  Plenary Position Paper: (Link room) (Greg Garrard, Bath Spa University )
13:00: Panel A: Witnessing Oedipus (Link Room 2)  Carina de Klerk and Lynn Kozak-“Acting Out Atrocity”: Jacques A. Bromberg-“Oedipus in Macondo” (Chair: Helen Slaney, University of Oxford) 11:30 Panel E: Re-viewing Reception (Link Room 1)  Matthew Mackisack-“Feigned Madness”: Adam O’Brien- “Location Shooting” (Chair: Greg Garrard, Bath Spa University)
13:00 Panel B: Feminist Re-con-ceptions (Common Room) Genevieve Liveley-“Towards a feminist ethics of reception”: Caroline Bruce/Alex Wardrop –“Plato’s Cave: another (don’t) look back” (Chair: TBA) 11:30 Panel F: Negotiating Legacies (Link Room)  Helen Roche- “Sparta’s Children”: Abigail Baker- “The Elgin Marbles” (Chair: Kate Nichols, University of York)
14:00 Coffee and Snacks (Common Room) 12:30 Lunch plus continuation of art/practical
14:40 Panel C: Encountering Elegy (Link Room 1)  Helen Slaney-“What Does Ovid Want?”: William Batstone “Sulpicia: Gender, Language, and Interpretation” (Chair: Duncan Kennedy, University of Bristol). 13:30 Panel G: Re-cognizing the audience (Link Room)  Clare Foster-“No Innocent Tradition”: Lisa McNally “The Ethics of the Ethics of Reception (Chair: Ika Willis, University of Bristol)
14:40 Panel D: Receiving Religion (Link Room 2)  Monika Schwätzler-“Dressed to Suffer and Redeem”: Thomas Hunt- “Trauma, event and mediated experience in early Christianity” (Chair: Shushma Malik, University of Bristol ) 14:30 Coffee and Snacks
15:40 Coffee (Common Room) 14:50 Panel H: Embodying Ethics (Link Rooms) Angellica Nuzzo “For an Embodied Ethics” and Martin Gak “Our Ethical Brain”  (Chair: Sabina Lovibond, University of Oxford)
15:50 Plenary Response Session (Link Rooms) 15:50 Coffee (Common Room)
17:00  Wine Reception (Common Room) 16:00 Plenary Position Paper: (Ika Willis University of Bristol): Response Session: The Future of Ethics? (Link Room)
18:00 Leave for formal  Workshop Dinner- Thali Cafe Clifton. 17:30 Leave for Informal Supper.

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