There’s no place like home? Vergil’s Eclogues

“…meanwhile the rest of us are off; some to forgather with the Africans and share their thirst; others to Scythia, and out to where the Oxus rolls the chalk along; others to join the Britons, cut off as they are by the whole width of the world…Will the day come, after many years, when I shall see a place that I can call my home, see turf piled high on my …roof, and in due time survey with pride the modest crop that is my little realm”  Vergil, Eclogues 1.64-69


So often seen as one of the founding texts of eco-criticism, or ecological textuality, Vergil’s Eclogues offer a picture of a “green” life, (dis)placed side-by-side with a chaos of a word in civil war and displacement. How does this tongue in cheek reverence of some original, green, place (the original place, home) relate/complicate issues around reception? Or is the green space always already original because it speaks of a contemporaneity bursting-forth or yet to come?



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