Call For Papers


To Receive is Never Neutral: A multi-disciplinary workshop towards an Ethics of Reception
(September 7-8, 2011: University of Bristol)

“The narratable self…re-enters into what we would call a relational ethic of contingency… an ethic founded on the altruistic ontology of the human …as finite….She wants and gives, receives and offers, here and now, an unrepeatable story…” (Cavarero)

This workshop re-addresses the diverse responses, receptions, and rejections of ethical theorising to “Classical” narratives, here and now.

Calling for Original, Innovative and Provocative papers in any discipline engaging with reception, based around:

Aesthetics; Class; Eco-Criticism and Sustainability; Feminism; Gender; Ideology; Narrative Inquiry; Pedagogy; Performance; Politics; Race; Re-reading; Sexuality; Theory; Translation; Trauma

Is there a place of ethics within reception theorising; is it necessary, achievable, or even desirable? What can “reception” bring to re-thinking ethics in the 21st century? Can ethics be re-embodied in terms of reciprocal narratives; can ethics be given (and received) differently? Do “ethics” mean anything to classics, reception, re-reading and performance; what are the ethical concerns of the text?- Just some questions that keep cropping up.

Through a series of roundtable debates, plenary discussions and respondent sessions, the places of “ethics” and “reception” within academic theory and practice will be critical re(con)ceived.

We would like papers from any branch of thinking concerned with “reception” and “ethics,” with a particular focus on how “classical” narratives are received and interacted with. This event will lay the groundwork for future workshops and discussions.

We will pre-circulate the papers to ensure open, provocative, and communal debate; creating a self-reflexive and creative place for people to share, perform and re-form different knowledges. Making this workshop cross-disciplinary necessitates levels of openness and accessibility in the papers: the audience will never be singular.

Abstract submissions of no more than 400 words by March 1st 2011 to Final papers of no longer than 5000 words by July 20th. Any questions please email

A further Call for Participants and Programme will be circulated in March 2011.

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