What’s it all about?

This two-day roundtable workshop offers the space for theories of reception and ethics to be debated and developed alongside each other. In order to question and challenge the place of both.

The growth of theorising around “reception” within Classics and related disciplines has led to increasing thinking through the political place of receiving narratives (whether past, present, or future).

This event seeks to open this political framing of “reception” towards a thinking through ethics (keeping “ethics” deliberately vague, pushing the “political” and “ontological” borders of that word, open).

Grounding the workshop in the traditions, legacies, inheritances, appropriations, receptions, narratives… of what has been received as “Classical Antiquity” admits the tradition within ethical theorising of responding to, repeating, and explicitly rejecting “Classical” narratives (whether they be artworks, philosophies, performances…).

Placing a debate around the ethics of reception directly responding to/from “Classics” re-admits this tradition, but also seeks to further open up the hermeneutics of reception to greater levels of self-reflection, particularly when touching towards the distant past.

The background (and perhaps agenda) of a workshop around the heterogeneous and, at times, conflicting issues brought up when one speaks of “ethics” and “reception,” lies somewhere in the timely need to re-address the place of theoretical positions and the possibility of challenging discursive boundaries in the face of growing uncertainty about the place of Arts and Humanities. This is compounded with increasingly urgent geo-political and environmental concerns facing the planet which call into question the place, and sustainability of the university within (global) communities.

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