Re-Con-Ceiving With (More Than) Itself

The “home” of this workshop lies somewhere in the distant and alien/ating territory of “Classics”;  a word that almost resists reconception, with its arrival.

And yet, a word that insists on meaning more than the boundaries of discipline, age, ruin, and dust— somehow always already transgressing her Ivory Tower.

Yet writing “Classics” seems to right those walls stronger and whiter, more exclusive and excluding than she thought possible.

Because of the focus on “ethics” and relations to/from/with narratives received as “Classical” (or ancient or antique or past it) the workshop is going to be always receiving more than her home, her walls, her-self(s).

So, although this reception will take its place in the academic neutrality of narratives long since dead, and tongues long since lost to libraries, this neutrality is very much ne-uter: neither one nor other, one is not without the other.

The permeable, permeating relationships of those narratives are far from permanent; speaking with/in territories beyond Rome and Athens and Archives.

And that’s the real (un)grounding of this workshop: the creation of a space for diverse disciplines and voices to speak and share ideas in the un-common place of past narratives.

Don’t be excluded by the word Classical or Past– words can be re-moulded by other hands, and shape differently things that were always seen the same.

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